Cody, CodFuel AI Robot

Codfuel is excited to introduce you to CODY, Our Heating Oil Price Robot.

Finding the lowest oil price in your town in much easier than ever before. Try CODY, Our Ai Robot. He can find you the cheapest price for heating oil in under 2 seconds. There is no need to jump through hoops or leave your email address to get a price for cod fuel oil. You don’t even have to register with our website just to find a price for oil.

Just Ask CODY! Enter your zip code so he knows where to look, then tell CODY how many gallons of oil you want, then let him go to work. Not only will you get the lowest oil price, it will include a link so you can order from that company instantly.

CODY, is fast, efficient and easy to use. For those of you that are price conscious, CODY was designed just for you. There’s no need to search different websites or make a dozen phone calls for the best price for oil. Simply ask CODY.

CODY, Our Ai Robot is powered by, the innovators and pioneers of online heating oil price comparison. has saved homeowners nearly $75,000,000 on home heating oil. Now we designed CODY to make your process of ordering heating oil so much faster and easier.